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Dealing With Your Alien

November 6, 2016 - 10:48 am

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Dealing With Your Alien By J. Neil Schulman, D.oC Dedication: To Be Figured Out Later Introduction The idea for this book came to me in a dream I had early this morning, November 6, 2016, the Sunday just before the presidential election between Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Yes, [...]

The Real Presidential Election

October 15, 2016 - 3:31 am

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My fellow Americans. No, wait. This is written also for the unAmerican. What happens at the polls on November 8, 2016 in the U.S. presidential election simply does not matter. It’s not unimportant because balloting itself will be tampered with, which is how the media spin it when Donald Trump says the election is rigged. [...]

Presidential Witch Hunt

October 12, 2016 - 8:12 pm

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The first life lesson I had in how a witch hunt works was when I was an elementary student at Center School in Natick, Massachusetts, 41 miles and less than an hour’s drive from Salem. But in my case it wasn’t 1693 but 1963. Our fifth-grade teacher, Miss Masterson, stepped out of the classroom for [...]

Trump Campaign Sponsors Libertarian Movie

October 3, 2016 - 5:08 pm

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Las Vegas, NV-AZ (OPENPRESS) The presidential campaign for Republican candidate Donald J. Trump began today sponsoring showings of the libertarian movie “Alongside Night” — based on the Prometheus-award-winning 1979 first novel by J. Neil Schulman endorsed by Nobel-laureate Milton Friedman, “A Clockwork Orange” novelist Anthony Burgess, and Dr. Ron Paul — on the Roku 24-Hour [...]

The Litmus Test for Agorism

September 17, 2016 - 7:56 pm

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Samuel Edward Konkin III, and I, co-founded what today is called Agorism or the Agorist movement. Sam was Agorism’s chief theoretician in published works such as The New Libertarian Manifesto (1980) and The Agorist Primer (1986). Before that Sam introduced counter-economics in his talks to the CounterCon conferences I organized in fall 1974 and spring [...]

Why I’m Screwed

August 28, 2016 - 7:32 pm

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I recently posted on Facebook, then as a web page, a request for voluntary compensation (“donation” implies I’ve done nothing to merit it) for the content I’ve given away free for many years. My request for financial support during a life crisis when I can’t pay my bills hasn’t brought in a dime. I conclude [...]

Watch Alongside Night — The Full Movie Free

August 13, 2016 - 8:48 pm

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Until now the Alongside Night movie has been available only in limited theatrical showings, the Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack and streaming on iTunes and Amazon Video/Amazon Prime. In a few weeks it will also begin streaming with commercial sponsorship on the Roku 24 Hour Movie Channel and the Sage Films Channel. The movie has been pirated [...]

Weaponizing Grief

August 2, 2016 - 6:40 pm

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I think many of us who followed the criminal and civil trials of O.J. Simpson will never forget Fred Goldman, father of the slain Ronald Goldman, standing alongside Simpson’s L.A. County criminal prosecutors as an accuser; later, when the criminal prosecution failed, personally suing O.J. Simpson in a second, civil trial. Ronald Lyle Goldman died [...]

What Difference At This Point Does It Make?

July 31, 2016 - 3:14 pm

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In her strident reply to a May, 2013 Senate committee question whether a YouTube video was the cause of the deadly assault on the United States mission in Benghazi, Libya, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answered the question with a question: “What difference at this point does it make?” I’m going to widen the [...]

Free World

June 25, 2016 - 9:09 pm

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I have no witnesses I know of to what I’m about to relate, so you can believe me or not. I once had a conversation at a science-fiction convention with Isaac Asimov, whom I knew advocated a one-world government. Isaac knew I was a libertarian science-fiction writer. I asked Dr. Asimov, “If you can’t get [...]